About Us

About IEEE

IEEE, the largest technical professional organization globally, is committed to advancing technology for the betterment of humanity. Through its highly regarded publications, conferences, technology standards, and a wide range of professional and educational activities, IEEE and its members inspire a global community. By providing a platform for collaboration, IEEE empowers professionals to make significant contributions to society and create positive impacts on a global scale.

About IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) is at the forefront of empowering and advancing professionals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, driving global technological progress. By fostering active participation and collaboration among computer engineers, scientists, academia, and industry experts, IEEE CS establishes a benchmark for education and engagement. Through its conferences, publications, and diverse programs, the society creates platforms for leaders in computer science and engineering to come together, facilitating meaningful discussions, debates, and collaborative efforts. This concerted effort not only benefits society's members but also ensures that professionals are equipped to drive innovation and make a positive impact on a global scale.

About IEEE CS Kerala Chapter

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) Kerala Chapter, operating within the IEEE Kerala Section, enjoys widespread recognition for its extensive membership and dynamic range of activities. Established in 1985, it stands as the largest Computer Society Chapter worldwide, encompassing 48 Student Branch Chapters and a membership count of 2043 in 2023. The Kerala Chapter actively fosters collaboration with its Student Branch Chapters, spearheading flagship events like the Al Kerala Computer Society Student Convention (AKCSSC) since 2015. The Chapter owes much of its success to the commitment and leadership of its dedicated volunteers, who have garnered esteemed positions within the IEEE community. Notably, the Chapter has been honoured with prestigious accolades, including the IEEE Computer Society (Global) Outstanding Chapter Award in 2018 and the Early Career Professionals Engagement in Outstanding Chapter Award Program in 2022. With its passion, dedication, and innovative ideas, the Chapter has become a respected presence in the IEEE community, inspiring positive change.